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Additional Services

  • Headlight Restoration: $79.99 per set
  • Fabric Guard:
    • $59.99 for cars & small trucks
    • $79.99 for large trucks, mini vans and small SUVs
    • $99.99 for large SUVs and full size vans
  • Wheel Polish:
    • $50.00 per wheel (hand polished)
    • $100.00 per wheel (machine polished)
  • Following Services: $50.00 per hour
    • Hard water removal
    • Overspray removal
    • Swirl removal
    • Road tar & paint removal
    • Pet hair removal
    • Clay bar
    • Scratch Removal
    • Mud removal
    • Aluminum Polishing

Ozone Treatment

Choice 1 Detailing utilizes ozone technology to remediate odor's & mold within automobiles. This service is safe & usually takes 2-3 hours. Although ozone is very effective in killing bacteria & mold, we recommend a thorough detailing with a cultured enzyme before the ozone treatment. All belongings must be removed from the vehicle prior to this treatment. This service starts at $40 an hour.

Ozone Technical Data

Ozone is a naturally occurring compound in which three atoms of oxygen are combined to form the ozone molecule (O3). Oxygen most commonly exists as two oxygen atoms (O2). Ozone is formed when energy from ultraviolet (UV) light or electrical discharge break the O2 bonds, forming single oxygen atoms which recombine with O2 molecules to form ozone. Ozone is an unstable molecule owing to the weak bonds holding the third oxygen atom. This instability makes ozone a naturally powerful oxidizing and disinfecting agent. Oxidation occurs when ozone molecules come in contact with oxidizable substances, including microorganisms (viruses, molds, and bacteria), as well as organic and inorganic compounds (metal ions, plastics and rubbers).

Boat Detailing

  • Wash $20 per foot up to 22ft
  • Wax $25 - $40  per foot up to 22ft
  • Interior or Exterior Details $20 per foot up to 22ft
  • Complete Details starting at $35 per foot up to 22ft
  • *Over 22ft Price by quote only

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