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Motorcycle Packages

Vehicle Packages

Full-Service Motorcycle Wash & Wax - $100

  • Motorcycle full-service hand wash
  • All painted surfaces carnauba wax applied with an orbital vibrating polisher evenly over the motorcycles painted surfaces with a soft foam pad removed by hand with a microfiber cloth and hand buffed to a luxurious shine
  • All chrome surfaces orbitally polished with a chrome polish to a mirror shine
  • Leather seat cleaned with leather cleaner and a leather cream protectant applied and hand buffed to condition and protect your seat (leather saddle bags extra) 
  • All vinyl and rubber surfaces crème protectant applied that hydrates and conditions surfaces (tires upon request only)

Large motorcycle upcharge
Excess rust removal or oxidation removal is additional
Excess aluminum polishing $50 hour

Platinum Motorcycle Detail - Starts at $200

  • Full service motorcycle wash & wax
  • Engine shine applied to the engine and all vinyl & rubber components (tires upon request)
  • A six-part wax process performed on all painted surfaces 0f the motorcycle
  • Claybar all painted surfaces to remove grit, fallout, & over-spray (this will take the motorcycle's paint down to a bar clear coat surface even penetrates clear coat)
  • Hi-speed buff with wool pad & compound to remove all scratches and scuffs possible
  • Hi-speed polish to get the paints vibrant shine
  • Low-speed polish to attain that sought-after extra luxurious showroom shine
  • Orbital wax protects your paint's finish and gives an added extra shine (wax every 3 months)
  • Orbital paint sealant a synthetic wax that gives more shine, gloss & more glass like reflectivity adds protection from UV damage, acid rain, industrial fallout and salt
  • All aluminum hi-speed buffed & polished

Large motorcycle upcharge
Excess rust removal or oxidation removal is additional

Full-Service Hand Wash, Wax, & Vac - $140

  • Full-service hand wash & vacuum
  • Carnauba wax applied with an orbital polisher vibrating evenly over the vehicles painted surfaces with a soft foam pad removed by hand with a microfiber cloth and hand buffed to a luxurious shine
  • Exterior moldings and tires dressed with silicone dressing
  • Interior conditioner cream applied at extra cost per vehicle

Large vehicle upcharge

Full-Service Interior Detail With Exterior Wash- $140

  • Full-service wash & vacuum
  • All vinyl & rubber surfaces, cracks and crevices thoroughly vacuumed, steam cleaned, and blown out, a crème protectant applied that hydrates and conditions surfaces 
  • Carpet, mats, and seats thoroughly steam cleaned and blown out
  • All leather interior vehicles thoroughly cleaned with leather cleaner and leather conditioner applied and hand buffed
  • All windows & mirrors cleaned with tint safe foaming glass cleaner 
  • Air Freshener added upon request

Large vehicle upcharge

Complete Interior Detail & Wax Detail - $200

  • Full-service wash, vacuum & wax
  • Full-service complete interior detail

Large vehicle upcharge

Full Paint Restoration - $425

Our experts clean your vehicle's exterior down to its clear coat surface for a shine that will last all year long with a recommended orbital wax every 3-4 months. Prices start at $425 and starts at an additional $50 for large vehicles. Full paint restoration typically takes up to two days to complete.

  • Includes All Services Featured in Our Full-Service Hand Washing Package
  • Six-Part Wax Process Performed on All Painted Surfaces of the Vehicle's Exterior
  • Clay Bar All Painted Surfaces to Remove Imperfections, Grit, & Overspray
  • High-Speed Buffing with a Wool Pad & Special Compound to Remove All Scratches & Scruffs
  • Low-Speed Polish to Attain That Luxurious Showroom Shine
  • Orbital Wax Protects Your Car's Finish & Gives It Extra Shine
  • Orbital Paint Sealant, a Synthetic Wax, Adds More Shine, Gloss, & Glass-Like Reflectivity
  • Our Waxes, Polishes, and Sealant Also Provide Protection from UV Damage, Acid Rain, Industry Fallout, & Salt
  • Full Service Engine Steam Clean - $25 Additional ($50 Value)

    Large vehicle upcharge

Platinum Complete Full Detail - $550

  • Full-Service Hand Wash & Vacuum
  • Full-Service Complete Interior Detail.
  • Full-Service Engine Steam Clean, All Painted Surfaces Under The Hood Thoroughly Cleaned, And Spray Wax Applied, Engine Shine Applied Over The Engine And All Vinyl & Rubber Components.
  • Inside All Wheels Steam Cleaned & Acid Washed And All Wheels Steam Cleaned & Spray Wax Applied.
  • All Wheel Wells Thoroughly Cleaned Then Wheels Wells Conditioned, Dressed Or Painted.
  • A Six-Part Wax Process Performed On All Painted Surfaces 0f The Vehicles Exterior.
  • Clay Bar All Painted Surfaces To Remove Imperfections, Fallout, & Overspray (This Will Take the Vehicles Paint Down To a Bar Clear Coat Surface Even Penetrates Clear Coat) 
  • Hi Speed Buff With Wool Pad & Compound To Remove All Scratches And Scuffs Possible.
  • Hi Speed Polish To Get The Paints Vibrant Shine.
  • Low Speed Polish To Attain That Sought After Extra Luxurious Showroom Shine.
  • Orbital Wax and Orbital Polish Protects Your Cars Finish And Gives An Added Extra Shine (Wax Every 3 Months).
  • Orbital Paint Sealant A Synthetic Wax That Gives More Shine, Gloss & A More Glass Like Reflectivity Adds Protection From UV Damage, Acid Rain, Industrial Fallout and Salt

This Service Takes Up to Two Days to Make Sure Vehicle is
Showroom New or as New as Possible

Large Vehicle Upcharge

Complete Ceramic Coating Staring at $1200

  • This Service Takes Upto 3 - 4 Days Vehicle Is Showroom New Or New As Possible

We have a ceramice coating that lasts for 3 years and 5 years

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