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Wash Packages

Soapy Motorbike

Motorcycle Full Service Handwash... $50

• Motorcycle is cooled down with fans
• Wheels & tires are degreased, steam cleaned & low pressure
  washed thoroughly with a camel hair brush

• Engine, frame, chrome, aluminum, exhaust & under-body, is
  degreased, steam cleaned & low pressure washed with carnauba
  wax soap
• Fairing, windscreen, tank, fenders, seats, and bags washed with
  carnauba wax soap & micro fiber wash mitts
• Entire bike blown dry
• All gages and windscreen cleaned with tint free foaming glass

• Painted surfaces sprayed down with meguiar's final inspection
  polymer wax to give motorcycle a vibrant shine and hand buffed
  with soft micro fiber towel

Large Motorcycle Upcharge

Full Service Handwash & Vac... $50

• Wheels wells lower rocker panels, door jams & bumpers scrubbed with soft
  camel hair brush.

• Vehicle washed with carnauba wash & wax soap with scratch free mits exterior
  & door jams and vehicle dryed with polymer wax chamois.

Interior thoroughly vacuumed and cracks & crevasse blown out with dash door
  panels and console wiped down, windows & mirrors cleaned inside and out with
  tint safe foaming glass cleaner micro fiber cloth.

Tires dressed with silicone tire dressing.

Large Vehicle Upcharge

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